HERMES Un Jardin après la Mousson

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2008 : Unisex : Citrus Aromatic

A poetic voyage of discovery in an unexpected India

A spicy, green, damp, ginger lemonade, the tart, peppery smell of lime. the scent of plants, cool spices, longose blossom and green vetiver.

Diracik oleh Hermes’s Perfumer, Jean Claude Ellena, Un Jardin après la Mousson mengajak anda untuk menjelajahi alam India setelah berlalunya musim penghujan.

Alam kembali menghijau, aroma wangi kembali muncul : ‘alive, clear & wet’

Un Jardin après la Mousson merupakan parfum Jardin Series ke tiga setelah Un Jardin en Méditerranée (2003) dan Un Jardin Sur Le Nil (2005).

EDT : 100ml : IDR 815.000

HERMES Kelly Calèche

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2007 : Women : Chypre Floral

A delicate for a modern Amazon

Charming citrusy and spicy-green trace of grapefruit, which slowly drowns in floral full of nuances. A harmonious of coldish and powdery of iris, green and yellow mimosa, intoxicating sweet rose.

Kelly Calèche berawal dari syymbol classic dari tradisi Hermes. Salah satu produk legendarisnya adalah ‘lady’s handbag’, salah satu yang termahal di dunia.

Lahir dari imajinasi Jean Claude Ellena, Kelly Calèche adalah wewangian untuk wanita muda enerjik dengan kesan mewah dan modern. Sangat berkelas!

EDT : 100ml : IDR 785.000

HERMES Eau De Merveilles

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2004 : Women : Oriental Woody

Enveloping , delicately sensual and intimate.

Hermes Eau De Merveilles top notes: Oak, cedar, vetiver, Pervian balm. heart note: gray amber accord. base note: Italian lemon, Seville orange, elemi, pink pepper.

The latest scent from the great house of Hermès, Eau des Merveilles, brings together all the magic of the world of Hermès in an enchanting fragrance – enveloping , delicately sensual and intimate.

Like a magic wand, Eau des Merveilles transports us into the surprising world of Hermès, whose creations are born of luxurious materials: raw, wild silk; tanned leather and crystal… Every bit as magnificent are the ingredients of this perfume that blends the rarest essences and absolutes, with spices from distant lands

EDP : 100ml : IDR 885.000

EDT : 100ml : IDR 735.000

HERMES Un Jardin Sur Le Nil

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2005 : Unisex : Floral Fruity

An exotic travel to discover the beauty of Egypt.

Hermes Un Jardin Sure Le Nil top notes: Green Mango, Grapefruit. heart note: Calamus, Lotus. base note: Sycamore, Frankincense

Remember back in 2003, when Hermès helped us discover a magical garden nestled near the shores of the Mediterranean? This year, Hermès invites us to the banks of the Nile, on a sumptuous voyage organized by their in-house perfume designer, Jean Claude Ellena. In this garden, light years away from clichéd landscapes, the wind bears the scent of sacred lotus, with a touch of sycamore and green mango. A promising new essence men and women will share for the pleasure of their senses

EDT : 100ml : IDR 815.000

HERMES Terre D’Hermes

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2006 : Men : Woody Spicy

A men’s scent combining heaven and earth.

Hermes Terre D’Hermes top notes: Grapefruit, Orange, Flint. heart note: Pepper, Pink Pepper, Geranium leaves, Patchouli. base note: Cedar, Vetiver, Benzoin

Terre d’Hermès is a plant-and-mineral scent for men, a fragrance combining heaven and earth (“terre”). Shaded with flinty accents and tangy hints of grapefruit, it reveals whiffs of tree trunks, roots and woody resins. For its creator, perfumer Jean Claude Ellena, ‘It’s a story, with characters and the staging of olfactory emotions.’ A ‘straight-forward, frank, legible’ scent for a man who is at once, ‘simple and complex, tender and determined, a dreamer with his feet firmly on the ground.’

Terre d’Hermès is described as being like ‘a voyage across the elements’. The fragrance blends sparkling citrus accents, mineral notes of flint and waves of plants and spices. A voyage that goes on to unveil the earthy sensuality of wood notes softened with benzoin

EDT : 100ml : IDR 705.000