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Women :: EDP :: 100ml :: IDRĀ 625.000


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Parfum Review

2005 : Women : Floral

Fresh and definitely feminine

A very citris based smell. It fades quickly, but most places sell the package with the scented lotion which helps to enhance the longevity of this scent.

A perfect summer scent. It’s uplifting, and can unofficially be considered aromatherapy. The chemical change that occurs in this fragrance makes it go in the direction of powdery on some people.

A “young” fragrance and it would be hard to over indulge to dangerous proportions with this scent. It’s pretty one dimensional, but if you’re not looking for a signature scent, this might be one to consider.

EDT : 100ml : IDR -


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Women : EDP : 100ml : IDR -