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An Elegant dan Classic Scent

Untuk pria yang berdapatasi dengan dunia Modern, rumah mode Adolfo Dominguez meluncurkan parfum dengan aroma yang memancarkan sifat elegan dipadu dengan nuansa classic. Sederhana dengan cita rasa natural.

Pria dengan kejujuran dan kemuliaan untuk meraih apa yang dipercayainya. Sedikit segar dan manis, namun tetap memperlihatkan sisi maskulin.

2004 : Man : Woody Aquatic

Top: bergamot, mandarin, aquatic notes and violet leaves. Heart: ginger and nutmeg. Base: cedar, rosewood and sandalwood.

EDT | 100ml | IDR 240.000 beli parfum


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A sharp, aquatic aroma for Men

user testimonial:
This frag may not be groundbreaking in anyway, but I like its everyday-quality — fun, clean, easy-to-wear and I get whiffs of it every now and then when I wear it and I just get a smile out of it. A fun melon-cucumber concoction that’ll turn off the serious BNer, but hey, I’m not one of them…yet :) A scent I wear when I want to smell like a good boy hehe…

Alergia is recommended for casual wear.

2000 : Men : Woody Aquatic

Ozone, aquatic notes,ginger, lavender,green apple, mint and cedar.

EDT| 100ml| IDR | IDR 240.000 beli parfum


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Intense vetiver based freshomania!

user testimonial:
“everybody living in madrid knows well this scent from long time. very spanish. after the first disappointment, and entering the adolfo dominguez paradise, you can really enjoy it.”

“Makes me feel clean and fresh. It’s herbal scent remember me those old big cologne bottle that our grandmas had on their homes.
Nice scent, beautifull bottle. Five stars.”

1998 : Men : Woody Aromatic

a very well rounded effect of oakmoss. excellent staying power and bang for buck for someone who “loves” vetiver based scents.

EDT | 100ml | IDR 190.000 beli parfum